Waiting times

Waiting times will depend on what treatment you are waiting for and your individual needs.

NHS hospitals and the independent (private) sector hospitals are working together to increase the number of people who can be treated daily. You still may have to wait longer than usual.

The list of people waiting changes daily and it is very hard to tell you how long you will have to wait. However, with our ‘find hospitals page’ you can look up approximate waiting times at your local hospital by:

  • Using the Find hospitals page
  • Clicking on ‘Surgical Procedures’ or ‘Department’
  • Filling in Procedures or Department box
  • Entering the postcode of the hospital you have been referred to or your own postcode in the Location box.

Find more information in the ‘your questions answered’ section on this website.

The Patient Experience Library also has a useful Waiting List Tracker that enables patients to get information on waiting times for treatment in NHS Trusts in England. The data you find here is sourced from NHS England.

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